The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter's Relocation campaign has an amazingly rich history. We are maintaining this page as an archive to the many, many businesses, individuals and organizations that helped us get to our new home at 5051 Letterkenny Road West. We COULD NOT have done it without you!!!


CVAS is Moving Forward

With the help of very generous donors through estate bequests, we have managed to pay off the debt we incurred when moving into our new home at 5051 Letterkenny Road West. But, WE ARE NOT FINISHED YET!

Now we are looking at Moving Forward, so we can complete the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. Our cat cubbies and dog dens are not yet finished, as the need to move was so great in 2012/2013.

We are considering finishing the 10,000 gallon water tank to be installed underground by our isolation kennels. With it, we will reuse rainwater to clean our kennels, thereby cutting our future water costs tremendously.

We also need to finish our cat cubbies in adoption and isolation, as well as our dog dens in adoption and isolation.

Help us with our Moving Forward campaign by making a donation today!

retire the debt


A Message from Nancy Gardner, president of the CVAS Board of Directors

On January 26th, our CVAS animals made a journey that has changed their lives.  They knew something was up, since so much activity was going on around them for weeks---packing, taking down wall hangings, moving furniture.  If you’ve ever moved, you know that this can be hard on your pets. So little in their lives is actually under their control; they are comfortable with their familiar surroundings.

So in planning for the big day—the final move, when the most precious possessions the shelter has would be packed up and transported to the new shelter---the first considerations were safety and stress reduction for our animals.

County Animal Response Team (CART) under the direction of Keith Carbaugh, was the answer to our prayers.  While several of our dogs known to be good car riders made the trip in private cars driven by volunteers, CART transported all the other animals in one trip.  They were in transit for less than an hour before CART volunteers brought them down the ramp of their truck and into their new place of refuge.

It was an emotional moment for all of us.  Our caring staff had prepared the kennels with pictures of the dogs who were to be housed in them, and the cat cages with names of the kitties who had lived in those cages in the old shelter.  Within hours, all the animals were asleep in their new spaces, clean and fed and comfortable.

We opened to the public again on January 31.  Adoptions have been moving along very well.  Our dogs in particular are more appealing to adopters because they are calmer in the new dog dens than they were in the wire cages.  This was the purpose of the design of the kennels, and it’s working.

We hope to be ready for our public Ribbon-Cutting and Dedication within a month or two and will announce it to you through the media and on this website and our Facebook page.  You’ve walked this difficult journey with us all the way, and we want you to be with us when we celebrate what this wonderful, supportive community has achieved.


The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter is now officially located at 5051 Letterkenny Road West, Chambersburg. Thanks to the many businesses, individuals, companies and organizations who helped us reach our goal of relocation.

For three years we made steady progress on the building without any debt. In the last year, we were faced with $84,000 of repairs and maintenance expense on the old shelter on Country Road. Because of this, the board approved borrowing $500,000 to complete construction that allowed us to move now. The interest costs on the loan will be substantially less than making repairs on an aging facility we planned to abandon anyway.

We are now asking for support of our new campaign -- RETIRE THE DEBT. We hope to retire the debt we incurred because of the need to move over the next three years.


Here are some photos of what the new place looks like. We hope you can stop out soon!

Dog Dens:

dog kennels

Cat Adoption:

cat adoption

Our Lobby:

front office

Our Front Office:

front office


Because the need to move was so great, we rephased the building project and sat down to see what we absolutely needed in order to compelte our relocation. As a result, we still need help finishing our dog dens:

dog dens

And we had to take our current cat cages with us for our felines. We REALLY want to be able to give them individual cat cubbies to help cut down on disease spread like these:

cat cubbie




Thanks SO MUCH to Porter's furniture for donating the flooring in our 3 finished areas in the future home of CVAS. You all are the greatest! Look how awesome this looks!



The dog park at the future home of CVAS is completed!! Thanks to Perry Fence Company and Greene Township and the Borough of Chambersburg for helping us! Rules are posted at the gate and please, no aggressive dogs. Anyone is welcome and hours are dawn to dusk. It's a fantastic addition to our future home. Please stop by soon!!!

dog park


Take a virtual tour of the future home of the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter by clicking here. Thanks so much to students at Shippensburg University for making this possible! To help us complete the building, contact our Director of Development, Bill Gour, at (717) 263-5791 ext. 203 today!



It's a PAINTING PARTY at the future CVAS!! Volunteers got together the paint the walls of the two rooms we've been working on to get our occupancy permit. Go Martha Stewarts!!





Boy, did Haldeman and Hock come through for our Relocation efforts! They pledged to donate a portion of their monthly sales from February to help us get one step closer to our goal of relocation and provided us $1,076. Pictured below with our Director of Development, Bill Gour, are Hockey Hock (left), owner of Factory Direct Carpets, and Corey Haldeman, owner of Haldeman's Construction. YOU GUYS RULE!!

haldeman and hock


MARCH 2012 -- In order to meet the requirements for an occupancy permit, we are in the process of finishing two rooms at the future Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. It is so amazing to see the work being done and know that WE WILL move into our new home soon.







January 2012 -- Students at Franklin County Career and Technology Center are working on renovating one of the out buildings at our future home at 5051 Letterkenny Road West.

FCCTC masonry students, under the supervision of their instructor, Jeremy Fogelsonger, will be laying 1,000 blocks for the larger shed on the property. The students are donating their services and this forward momentum is crucial to our plans. The out-building will house the heat transfer system, pumps and other controls for the solar powered hot water system. We can't thank these folks enough for their help!!


CALL (717) 263-5791 TO SET UP A TOUR OF THE FUTURE SHELTER. Click here for directions.

Help us turn on the lights and get the interior of the future CVAS completed!



Callie models how much space the dog kennels will provide...


~ June 2010


CHAMBERSBURG, June 4, 2010 – Long-term supporters of Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter have made a challenge to the community to encourage fundraising efforts that will result in the successful relocation of the shelter to Kenny Gardens, adjacent to Letterkenny Army Depot.

Michael and Patricia Hurt have offered a donation of $50,000 to the “Rallying to Relocate” Capital Campaign if the community will raise an additional $100,000, to give a combined total of $150,000 toward the shelter’s relocation efforts. This offer arrives after a previous, generous donation they have already given.

Nearly three years ago, considering increased commercial development, the location of CSX’s intermodal operations (contiguous to the animal shelter property), and the population growth of Franklin County, CVAS official decided to build a new, modern animal shelter on a much more suitable site that would meet growing, future needs of the community.

With opportunities developed through Chambersburg Area Development Corporation and the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and in cooperation with the Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority and Chambersburg Area School District, 11 acres of land at Kenny Gardens was secured for the location of the new shelter. Significant construction has progressed, thanks to contributions from many Chambersburg businesses. However, due to the recent recession and postponement of some significant pledges, more funds are urgently needed to progress.

“Mike and Pat Hurt have been so generous to CVAS,” said Nancy Gardner, CVAS board president. “This challenge will fundamentally bolster our fundraising efforts and I just know that a generous community will respond to this challenge. When we undertook this overwhelming relocation project, we began with a motto that said ‘failure is not an option.’ Clearly, Mike and Pat agree. Their challenge can boost sheltering efforts well into our future.”

Mike Hurt is chairman of Boston-based ALTRA Holdings, Inc., and the owner of T. B. Woods, one of Franklin County’s oldest and largest employers. “TB Wood’s has generously contributed to many past Capital Campaigns to support the community and is currently completing a pledge to the ongoing CVAS Capital Campaign,” Mike said. “All of us at TB Wood’s care about our community and fully support the new shelter project.

“After Pat and I visited the construction site of the new shelter a few days ago, we decided that we wanted to do all that we could to energize some additional donations and pledges during this prime construction season,” Mike continued. “We felt that a two-for-one challenge would be the best way to leverage our contribution. So, we will donate $50,000 to the building fund if the shelter will raise an addition $100,000 to help make the CVAS relocation happen. I hope Pat’s and my initiative will challenge other members of our community and local employers to find ways to support this effort.” 

Pat Hurt served for several years on the CVAS board. “I know the hard work they do just to serve the animals that enter their care every day,” Pat said. “Their operations need to be remembered by support of their regular fundraising activities, but this relocation project is very different. Mike and I recognized that it needed an extra effort. That’s why we decided to use a challenge to hopefully re-energize community fundraising to complete this necessary relocation.”

Tax deductible donations can be sent to “Rallying to Relocate” at CVAS, 2325 Country Road, Chambersburg, PA 17202. For more information and a history of the project, log onto



~ April 2010

The windows are going in! We want to get started on the interior of the building (Phase III) and you can help us do it by donating today....


A message from our Executive Director....

This is my fifth year as the Executive Director of the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter and I’m still amazed by the triumphs and challenges we face daily. As a team of staff and volunteers, we have:

  • improved medical and sanitation protocols
  • enhanced our adoption program through web-based adoption searches and off-site adoption events
  • increased humane awareness through educational articles and presentations to schools
  • joined forces with other non-profit organizations to benefit a larger community
  • inspired empathy in troubled teens
  • witnessed the love that folks with mental challenges can share with homeless pets
  • saved and rescued thousands of animals
  • adopted necessary policies
  • put forth a huge challenge to ourselves and our community to fulfill the immense need for CVAS to relocate.
  • Although I can look back and say, yes, we’ve accomplished a lot, I still believe we have a long way to go. We will work to reach further into the community to start more programs that help our youth through the love of animals. We will work to find more ways to reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted pets. We will fight to protect animals through legislative efforts. We will work to change the image of shelters from cold, sad places that provoke the feelings of guilt, where unwanted pets are left behind to an image of hope and inspiration; a place to find a furry friend.

    Making it through a tough winter at CVAS reminds me how desperately we need a new shelter. Our shelter has served us well over the last 30 years, but we have come to the crossroads; we have to take a new course. It’s no secret that the shelter needs to move and build a new facility. Two years ago we found out that the once neighboring farmland was being developed into a bustling intermodal rail yard and, by the way, it’s only 40 feet from the animal shelter! On top of it all, the shelter staff and board recognized that the current building is deteriorating at a rapid pace despite all of our maintenance efforts. The epoxy flooring in the dog kennels is already in need of replacing, the heating/cooling ventilation system is in need of a total overhaul, and we have found a pipe leaking behind a concrete wall. Also, we have discovered cracks and sinking spots, that weren’t there two years ago, in the block floors and walls which is likely the result from the rail yard blasting the land next door to make it level for tracks.

    Indeed this shelter has served its purpose, but can no longer keep up with a growing organization that continues to implement new programs to benefit the animals and people of our community. I can not forget to mention that the number of homeless animals continues to rise in our area as the economy struggles to rebound.

    Through no fault of their own, homeless dogs and cats keep finding their way to CVAS and we do our very best to help them and find them forever homes. A new shelter would benefit these poor souls immensely. The design for the new shelter will allow CVAS to care for twice as many homeless pets as our current facility. In addition, the building is designed to create a setting of rehabilitation and decrease stress levels of the animals. The high quality ventilation system will keep the air free of respiratory viruses, while the doggie den and kitty cubby material choices will provide easy-clean surfaces and promote animal comfort all in one.

    For those of you who love animals and the joy they bring to our lives, those of you who understand the plight of homeless pets, for those of you who intimately know the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter’s dedicated staff and volunteers, who see that the current shelter is not holding up well, who see and feel the need for this organization to move and improve – thank you for your support, your donations, and your compassion for the animals who have no voice but ours….

    Make your pledge today to relocate CVAS. We need $2.83 million to complete the transition. Your contribution, not matter the amount, will launch the animal shelter into a new phase; the final phase of construction. This project has been motivated by the community, for our community, and will only be accomplished through community support. You can make a difference now, not only in the lives of so many homeless animals from our area, but this project will affect so many people – from children, to the elderly, to the person who finds a litter of kittens under her front porch. Just fill out the attached pledge form, write a check, or go the web-site with credit card in hand. The need is urgent and the time is now. We may never have this opportunity again!


    Jamie Kasarda,
    Executive Director


    ~ January 29, 2010

    The windows are going up!! Help us get the rest of the shelter up and donate today.....





    ~ January 2010

    The new year brings forward momentum...

    Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter's Board of Directors and wonderful, dedicated staff wish you many blessings in the New Year.

    We invite you to arrange a visit to our new site on Letterkenny Road West, not far from the chapel, and see the outstanding progress in construction. All who have supported us in bringing the project to reality will share in our excitement and determination to bring our homeless dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, and various other creatures who walk, crawl, or fly to this beautiful new setting where their transition to a new home can begin. Each day we move closer to the dream.

    Never lose faith that we will succeed. Every time we visit the site, every time we look at the drawings of the new shelter, we know with certainty that this is the right time, the right move.

    There is still hard work to be done in the year ahead; we have confidence in the promise that was made to us by community leaders more than two years ago- that our relocation would have their full support. The amazing transition at Kenny Gardens is just the beginning of a marvelous example of a community working together to create a lasting testimony to our love of our fellow creatures. CVAS is much more than an animal shelter. We are a complete community resource dedicated to public safety, education, and the protection of animals.

    The day of our Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony will be a proud day for us, for you, and for all of Franklin County. As you go among your friends and co-workers at the beginning of this new year, please spread the word that our Rallying To Relocate Campaign is worthy of their support. With our will to achieve our goal, and your generous support, this year will see an amazing community effort come to fruition.

    Help us make 2010 a great year!  Visit us often to see progress at Rallying to Relocate on As always, heartfelt thanks for your support.


    Nancy Gardner

    CVAS Board President


    The foundation gets placed for the new shelter.


    The outside corner of our new isolation area.



    At the front door.



    Our new adoption kennels from the ground up.


    We're hoping that the new year will bring enough funds for us to finish our new shelter and get the homeless animals into a place where they can recuperate and find their new, forever homes.



    ~ September 2009

    CVAS breaks ground for new shelter

    The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter broke ground in its first phase of construction for a new state-of-the-art animal shelter in early September at the Kenny Gardens site, donated by the Chambersburg Area School District.

    “The support we’ve seen thus far has been incredible,” said Nancy Gardner, CVAS board president. “This is truly a community-based project and so many people have stepped up to help with in-kind donations as well as advice and encouragement.”

    The shelter has raised $1,280,000 to date in pledges and cash donations. The relocation is projected to cost $4,200,000 before in-kind donations. The cost is driven by the need for quality ventilation, flooring which will withstand constant disinfecting, isolation areas separate from adoption areas, and more space to increase the capacity to house homeless animals. The LEED certified construction will insure an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building.

    “Animal shelters today have to be almost like hospitals if we want to maintain a healthy environment for the pets in our care,” explained Gardner. “When we were presented with the opportunity to move, we knew we wanted to do it right, so the rehabilitation of the animals was the focus.”

    The effort, to date, has had a long list of supporters — a list shelter officials hope will grow in the coming months.

    While the project has just begun the initial phase and construction will continue as funding allows, CVAS staff and officials are encouraged by the recent support that the dream of a new facility will become a reality.

    “Our goal is to be relocated to the new Kenny Gardens facility by September, 2010, which would comply with our CSX agreement.” Gardner said.


    ~ July 2009

    CVAS receives $100,000 pledge toward relocation 

    CHAMBERSBURG – A former board member recently contributed $100,000 toward the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter’s “Rallying to Relocate” Capital Campaign, a donation that has bolstered spirits at the shelter.

    While the donor has asked to remain anonymous at this point, CVAS board president, Nancy Gardner, says the gift demonstrates forward momentum in the relocation project.

    “This continues the generosity that we’ve already seen from other individuals and companies in the community,” said Gardner. “Our plans have always been to move forward with this project to get CVAS to its new spot and this really reassures us that we will see the community support we need.”

    Since July 2007, community leaders and organizations have stepped up to help relocate CVAS to an 11-acre tract of land previously known as Kenny Gardens, donated by the Chambersburg Area School District. 

    “We are so incredibly thankful for the support we have already seen, as well as this most recent donation," said Kirsten Hubbard, CVAS capital campaign manager. “This individual obviously has a strong understanding of the needs facing the shelter and a simple thank you just doesn’t feel adequate to truly express our gratitude." 

    The $100,000 contribution is in addition to other generous pledges made by Johnson Controls, T.B. Woods Company, Colony House Furniture and Orrstown Bank.

    In addition, a host of other companies and groups have helped through in-kind contributions and support, including: the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, Chambersburg Area Development Corporation, Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority, Brechbill and Helman Construction Company, Greene Township, Martin and Martin, Dennis E. Black Engineering, SGS Architects Engineers, Regan-Matonak & Associate, RHL Engineering, Guilford Township, Hamilton Township, Charles E. Brake Co., R&D Contractors, David H. Martin Excavating, Valley Quarries, Fayetteville Contractors, Coldsmith Construction, Tele-Plus, Waste Management, IESI, Cumberland Landfill, Chamberlin and Wingert Sanitary Services, Byers & Runyon Surveying, Cumberland Valley Tree Service, Baer Sign Company, Chris Shatzer Photography, and local artist Anne Finucane. 

    “We're going to get there,” Gardner concluded. “We are all really encouraged by the financial and in-kind donations that have been made to date in support of our Rallying to Relocate Capital Campaign.” 

    For more information on the project or how to help, contact the shelter at (717) 263-5791 or email Kirsten Hubbard at



    ~ Spring 2009

    Since our debris removal in January, board members and volunteers have worked tirelessly to clean up the site at Kenny Gardens in preparation for our continued forward momentum with our relocation project. A remarkable amount of progress has been made with hand tools on various weekends this spring as you can see from these before and after shots.....











    ~ January 2009

    On January 20 and 21, six local contractors, three landfill operators, and many community leaders have assembled and are working together to stage the next episode in the much-anticipated relocation project for the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter.  This represents a huge undertaking demonstrating the support offered by the community’s largest governmental and business entities and community leaders.

    Since July of 2007, when community leaders representing the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and the Chambersburg Area Development Corporation asked the shelter to accept their offer to help relocate them to a safer and more serene location, a great number of area businesses and individuals have been instrumental in the progress that has been made to date.

    Ken Plummer, who took the lead on the relocation project; David Sciamanna, who did considerable work on behalf of both the Chamber and Chambersburg Area School District and Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority (LIDA) to effect the transfer of 11.2 acres of land at Kenny Gardens; and Brechbill & Helman Construction Company, who have donated the pre-construction services for a new shelter designed by Ken, were all at the forefront and leading enthusiasts of the project.

    Chambersburg Area School District donated the land that will be an outstanding setting for an animal shelter and for the community that will use the property in many beneficial ways.

    Martin & Martin, Dennis E. Black Engineering, Baer Sign Company, and Chris Shatzer Photography have all eagerly donated their professional services.  Significant “in-kind” donations of preconstruction services were given by SGS Architects Engineers, Regan-Matonak & Associates, and RHL Engineering. Well-known local artist  Anne Finucane donated the original artist’s rendering of the proposed new shelter.

    Greene, Guilford, and Hamilton Townships have been very supportive of our efforts.

    Chambersburg Area Development Corporation underwrote the cost of asbestos abatement in the old buildings at Kenny Gardens.  Johnson Controls and T. B. Woods Company have already made generous pledges to the campaign.

    Charles E. Brake Co.,  R&D Contractors, David H Martin Excavating, Valley Quarries, Fayetteville Contractors, and Coldsmith Construction are working together to clear 650 tons of debris from the Kenny Gardens site, which represented 29 military housing units, and truck it to landfills donated by Waste Management, IESI, and Cumberland Landfill.

    Honorary Chairs of the Campaign for Rapid Relocation Ken and Sherri Plummer said, “We believe it’s critical to the project for the community to know that everyone is behind this.  As we gather people together to meet this need, we can make life better for the next generation of homeless pets in our community.”

    CVAS Board of Directors president Nancy Gardner points to the latest gesture of generosity within this joint venture of local governments, local caring contractors and a dedicated and involved  community coming together  as a “shining example of this on-going community commitment.

    “We are so particularly appreciative that we live within a community that shares our values and concerns,” Gardner said.

    For opportunities to participate in the relocation project, contact






    Kenny Gardens will truly be a tranquil spot for the future of CVAS...


    Please feel free to check back on updates of our progress and as always, thank you for your concern for homeless pets!

    CVAS Relocation Timeline

    July 2009     $100,000 donation brings forward momentum
    Spring 2009    Clean up at the site continues in preparation for forward momentum in our Rallying to Relocate capital campaign.
    January 2009    650 tons of debris is removed from the Kenny Gardens site thanks to six local contractors and three landfills, who donated time and space.
    October 2008   Land purchased. Asbestos removal.
    September 2008    LIDA board agrees to exercise Right of First Refusal to expedite transfer of land.
    June 10, 2008  Greene Twp. changes zoning at Kenny Gardens from residential to highway commercial.
    January 2008   CVAS learns that, in order to donate the land, CASD has to go through a court approval process involving two commercial appraisals at $5,000 each, and considerable court costs

    Fundraising committee formed, with Clint Bolte, Pat Shreiner, and Pam Anderson as co-chairs. 
    August-December 2007    Chambersburg Area School District approaches CVAS about the possibility of CASD offering approximately 10 acres of land at Kenny Gardens, land donated to CASD in 2003 by LIDA.

    CADC offers to reimburse the cost of asbestos removal once construction is begun.

    CVAS and community leaders visit Washington Animal Rescue League in D.C. to see their newly remodeled shelter

    Ken Plummer finishes design of 16,000 sq. ft. shelter.

    While Brechbill & Helman begins cost analysis, site survey and engineering is donated by Martin & Martin and Dennis E. Black.
    July 2007     Ken Plummer approaches the board with the proposal that the community will work to relocate and build a new shelter. Chambersburg Area Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce will support the effort.

    After much discussion CVAS agrees to put their faith in the generous offer of the community, and signs an Agreement of Sale with CSX, accepting $600,000 for the property, agreeing to accept the road closing.  $300,000 is to be up front, with the remaining $300,000 to be paid when the shelter moves.  If for some reason CVAS and the community cannot achieve the move, the initial payment of $300,000 remains with CVAS in a Building Fund.

    March 2007     CVAS Board of Directors, realizing that they cannot relocate and rebuild for that amount, declines the offer.
    January 2007    CSX offers to purchase the shelter and surrounding acreage for $600,000, providing the shelter does not protest the closing of Country Rd. and leaves the property within 18 months.
    December 2006    CVAS meets with CSX officials to discuss the impact that the Intermodal will have on animal care.  Guilford Township officials say they will not close the road without our agreement.
    November 2006     Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS) learns that CSX is going to build an Intermodal facility in the farmland yards away from the shelter and plans to close Country Rd. to through traffic

    CVAS is confident that with the help of the community, our dreams of relocation to Kenny Gardens can become a reality.