Adoption Feedback


These are just a few of the hundreds of animals who are successfully adopted from the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter every year! This is why we do what we do every day.

Won't you please consider getting your next pet from a shelter?

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Little Suki was one of the Japanese Chins that came from a seizure in the fall. She's now 7-months-old and the light of her new mom and dad's life. Ed and Arlene couldn't be happier with their new baby -- and look how happy she is in her pictures!!






Here is the update on Bingo (so far)....

He and Jack did really well in the truck ride home, and he seems to be settling in considering this is his first day here.  He does pace a bit, and seems to be looking for something. He has settled down on his bed in the laundry room.  He has his choice of rooms, but the laundry room seems to be his favorite so far.  He tried to take over Jack's bed last night and when we moved him to his bed in the other corner, he wandered down the hall as if to say "fine, if I can't have that other bed, I'm leaving....".  So, we moved the bed back to the laundry room (opposite end of the house) and he slept fine.  I think he woke us up about 2 and Dave let both dogs out, and he barked again at 6:30 - I got the dog duty this time.

We also got him into the vet yesterday and overall is doing well. He is down to 87 lbs, and she said he could use at least 30 lbs more, and to feed him at least three times a day.  She also gave him his Lyme shot and some antibiotics for his itchy spot around his tail.  I have topical spray, but so far, he's not thrilled with that happening on his rear... :)  He tested heart worm negative and the lump on his back was checked and it seems to be a sebaceous cyst.  That will be monitored.

He did well when we left him in the house (laundry room with an improvised gate) to go to PetSmart - it was about 2 hours and nothing was out of place when we returned.

He's starting to learn sit - and treats are definitely helping with that command...:)  He's already done "down" for me twice, and is learning 'nice' when he takes food from our hands. He's already met Dave's parents and did okay with them.  He wandered their house too.  He needed treats to get back into the truck... there is a trend happening here... he's liking treats... :)

He does have a big bark - he decided to talk to some neighboring dogs last night.  Maybe it was to let the neighbors know he was home... :) 

Today, the plan is to try the gentle leader and take him and Jack out for a walk.

I will keep you updated on his progress and also send pictures when his ribs are a bit more coated.

Thank you again!



You gotta love the CVAS Jens*.  They’re sometimes crafty little devils.

In early September Jen Merletti emailed me to ask if Bill and I would consider fostering a dog for awhile, because the shelter was fresh out of kennel space.  Jen knew we had lost two dogs since November of last year, and were still grieving for them.  But our 11 year old Mattie seemed okay with being an only dog, although she was a lot less active, so we had decided to be a one dog family.

Jackie, a 6 year old black lab/spitz mix, was the dog Bill decided on.  While we signed the papers, some of the staff came to the office to wish Jackie well and give her a smooch goodbye.  I reminded them that she was just coming home with us for awhile as a foster dog.  Right.

She and Mattie were introduced, both on leashes, in our fenced yard, and things seemed to go well.  When we let them loose, they ignored each other; yet Mattie seemed to have more energy than she had shown in awhile.  The introduction to the cats was different.  Two of our cats wouldn’t run away from Jackie, so they were no fun for her.  But Pippin did her Halloween act, spitting and hissing, and ran up the back stairs.  Game on.

As we expected, the dogs had a difference of opinion within the next day or so, but we were there to break up the scuffle.  When both of us left the house at once, we kept Jackie crated just to avoid trouble.  Jackie turned out to be a little thief who stole food off the counter, so we made sure all food was put away when she was out of her crate.  No major problems.

Within a week, she was settling in as part of the family.  She weighed 42 pounds when she came to us, and was a little chunky.  With exercise, she was getting her waistline back.  A solid black, smallish pup, she has a big dog bark at times. ( We say she’s putting on her big girl panties .)  The Jens knew we wouldn’t let her go once we got to know her.  They thought they had put one over on us when we adopted her, but we knew all along what they were doing, sly little creatures that they are.

The day after her adoption, we bought Jackie a big orthopedic bed like Mattie’s.  They love their beds, but often there’s a cat sleeping in the middle of each one, and the dogs just sigh and lay on the floor.

Pippin is still threatening to turn Jackie’s nose into a sprinkler, but otherwise peace usually reigns. Jackie loves tennis balls, cloth toys, cookies, and Saturday bacon and egg breakfasts.  As long as Jackie remembers her place in the hierarchy, she and Mattie have become good buddies. 

It’s good to have a pair of best friends again.

*Jen Merletti  is Shelter Manager, Jen Vanderau is Director of Communications . Separately, they’re normal people.  Put them together and you need to be afraid….very afraid.




Hi! My name is Liberty, but everyone calls me Libby. You knew me as Karmen when I was still waiting for my forever home.  It was love at first sight when I met my new mom Julie, I'm so glad you let me adopt her!  I was a little nervous at first when my mom had to go back to work, but I am fine now because I know that she will always come back to me.  It hasn't taken me long to make myself at home in my new house. I enjoy getting my mom up early to go for walks, and love to ride in the car.  I tend to forget how big I am and think that I am a lap dog but she doesn't mind.  My mom says that I give the best kisses.  I have a big (kitty) sister named Emma who I get along great with.  I want to say thank you to all of the staff at CVAS for taking such great care of me while I was waiting for my mom!   





I adopted Roman (Meunster) a little over a month ago, and I couldn't be happier!  He is such a sweet boy.  He follows me all around the house and, although I bought him a perfectly good cat bed, he prefers to sleep on the pillow next to me!  It's nice to come home to him after work - he is always at the door, waiting to greet me, purring away!  :) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to adopt him.  Roman thanks you, too!





I adopted Violet from CVAS about 5 months ago.  I grew up in a household that always had a cat, dog, or both.  I didn't even think about adopting a pet and then all of a sudden one day I realized I couldn't live without one!  I visited CVAS and immediately fell in love with a 2 year old cat named Violet.  I knew I had a treasure when I was carrying her out of the shelter and one of the volunteers came up to me and told me how excited she was Violet was getting a home.  She told me Violet was one of her favorites.  

Violet has brought so much joy into my life.  She has made my house into a home.  Every evening when I arrive home from work she is right at the door meowing her greeting.  She can be found sleeping on any bed, chair, or sofa, the mantle, or in the window on a warmer day.  But when it's time for me to head to sleep, she is right by my side.  She likes to snuggle right next to me for a few minutes and then she moves to the foot of the bed and curls up and goes to sleep.  I can tell she's so happy to have a home and someone to love her.  And I feel the same about her!  

I've attached some pictures of Violet doing what she loves best - napping.   

She has become the star of my house.  My nieces love her, my family loves her, and so do my friends.  She's just precious.  Thanks to the friendly and kind staff at CVAS.  You made the adoption process easy and fun.   Violet and I send our thanks!

Mary Beth



Dear CVAS,  

Angie, you were right!!!  And, thanks for letting us adopt a cat.  Kittana is loveable and huggable and a joy to have in our home.  She seems to love hanging out with us around the house no matter what we are doing.  She even gives my daughter and I kisses on the nose each day.  She has been lounging around a lot and we are getting enjoyment out of pampering her.  I feel so blessed that my daughter and I were the lucky ones to give her a second chance!!  She was an answer to my prayers!!  This is one special Kittie with a magnetic personality for sure!!!  Thanks CVAS, and God bless each of you for what you do!

Amy & Grace