Pet Surrender

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter accepts stray, abandoned, and owner surrendered animals. If you have an animal which you are unable to keep, and you live in Northern Franklin County, you may call the shelter about bringing in the animal.

There is a fee for owner surrendered animals to help defray the cost of caring for the animal while we attempt to find him a new loving home. In addition, we ask that owner surrendered animals be scheduled in our appointment book. We rarely have free kennel space at the shelter, so owners who need to surrender their pets are scheduled by appointment. Please be patient with us as we work to be sure there's space for your pet so we can give them every chance to find a new home.

If you need to surrender your animal please call as soon as you can to make the appointment. Don't wait until the last minute as there will likely not be room available.

Also keep in mind there are many other ways to find a home for a beloved pet. Ask friends and family or take out an ad in the paper. In addition there are many rescues in the area that accept purebred dogs and care for them in a foster home environment. Make sure you look into every avenue available before surrendering your pet.

For more information, call the shelter at (717) 263-5791.