The Guardian Angel Program at CVAS mitch

Many people tell us they would LOVE to adopt, but just can't -- either it's not the right time in their lives blainor they can't have pets where they live. If you are in the same boat, but would still like to help the babies in our kennels, consider becoming a GUARDIAN ANGEL for one (or more!) of the pets at CVAS.

For a donation of your choosing, you can have a card, like the ones below, put on the kennel or cage of the animal you pick letting visitors know that YOU ARE THEIR GUARDIAN ANGEL. Your name will be printed in the blank space. Half of your donation will go to care for the animal you choose and the other half will be added to our Second Chance Fund to help other animals who come into the shelter.


The cage cards will look like this:

cage cardcage card

If you would like to be a Guardian Angel, please fill out the form below.

(including area code)

You can become a Guardian Angel by doing one of the following:

Send in your donation via snail mail to CVAS, 5051 Letterkenny Road West, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Phone in your donation with a credit card number to (717) 263-5791.

Make your donation online via PayPal (please keep in mind that PayPal does charge a nominal fee for each transaction, so a small percentage of your donation will be taken out). If you choose to make your donation via PayPal, please click the donation button that will come up after you hit the submit button below.

I will be

Thank you so much for being an Angel to homeless pets!!

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