Volunteer Corner

Our Volunteer Corner gives people interested in helping the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter a chance to look at the various opportunities available. If after perusing the list, you want to help, please contact Treisha Krotzer at treisha@me.com or fill out our Volunteer Release Form here and someone will contact you.




One way CVAS raises money is by placing Pet Banks at businesses throughout town. Our Pet Banks generate a nice income for the best friendshelter. We have a pretty substantial list of businesses who allow us to put our pet banks in their stores, so we need reliable folks to help us collect the money. This would involve receiving a "pet bank route" which includes a list of businesses in the community where you would go every month or so (depending on how full the banks get) to pick up the donations and then bringing the money collected into the shelter. We generally try to create pet bank routes that are all in the same area, so we don't have volunteers running back and forth across town.


In an effort to get our adoptable animals' faces out into the public, we create and post Pet Boards in various locations throughout town. The Pet Boards usually have four or five cats and four or five dogs available for adoption, as well as their background information. We try to keep the boards up-to-date so we can give animals a chance to find homes. In order to do that, we need people to help us take the information to the various locations and change the photos around as needed.


We are always looking for volunteers at our Thrift Stores (one in Chambersburg and one in Shippensburg). Volunteers help by sorting clothing and linens, hanging clothing up to sell, sorting jewelry, straigtening racks and helping get donations ready for the store. Volunteers are also needed to pick up furniture donated by folks who can't get the furniture to our stores. It is not necessary to have a truck though that is another way to help.


Greeters help assist customers by walking them back into cat and dog adoption and taking animals into bonding rooms so visitors can spend time with a furry friend. Greeters are at the shelter during business hours, which are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.


This is a special opportunity for diligent folks to help clean cat cages at the new Petsmart in Chambersburg. CVAS is an adoption partner with Petsmart charities and we are in need of volunteers to help us with adoptions at the new Chambersburg store. Volunteers for Petsmart must be available on a consistent basis on specific days.  Duties will include cleaning cages, socializing with cats, and assisting potential adopters.  This duty requires someone who is reliable and can stick to a schedule. 


CVAS has annual shelter events that occur at the same time every year where we would need volunteers to help greet the public, sell merchandise or food, provide information to the public or help with preparations. Below is a list of our yearly events and the weekends on which they usually fall:


     Spaghetti Dinner -- This event usually takes place on the second Friday in February. Volunteers help us by selling shelter merchandise, cleaning tables, preparing plates of spaghetti, making desserts, selling tickets, and the before and after preparations and cleanup.


        dog walk

Dog Walk  The fourth Saturday in October -- CVAS holds "Canines Venture Around the Shelter." We need volunteers to help with food, selling shelter merchandise, and collecting prizes for participants.

Chamberfest -- We have a table set up at our Chambersburg Thrift Store, usually on the third Saturday in July. Anyone who would be willing to man the table for a few hours would be a great help.

Apple Fest -- We have a table set up at our Chambersburg Thrift Store, usually on the third Saturday in October. Anyone who would be willing to man the table for a few hours would be a great help.

Christmas Open House -- Every year, we have an open house at CVAS around Christmas time to help the dogs and cats find a home for the holidays. Anyone who would be willing to help by baking treats for our human visitors, we'd appreciate it!


This includes working as a kennel technician in the kennels to clean the shelter in preparation for being open to the public. It can include scooping kennels, doing laundry, cleaning dog and cat bowls and feeding the animals. It's not a job for the squeamish, but it does give the opportunity to come face to face with the homeless animals at CVAS and have a direct impact on their care.


This includes walking dogs and playing with cats and is generally performed during the hours we are open to the public. Our volunteers who dogcool catsocialize animals are reminded that anyone under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and cannot walk dogs alone. In fact, we ask that an adult take the leash to walk our dogs, most of whom are relatively large mixed-breed dogs who have been in a kennel for a few months (so then tend to be slightly hyper). We want to give our volunteers a chance to spend time with our pets, but our number one concern is the safety of both our animals and our volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering to socialize animals, you would need to attend an orientation to go over the rules and regulations. Once we receive your completed volunteer form we will let you know when the orientation will be scheduled.


Our Thrift Stores find wonderful success selling donated furniture, but we sometimes have a difficult time getting the furniture to our stores. Anyone who would be willing to help move furniture so we can bring in money to our Thrift Stores, which will in turn help the animals would be great.


This position includes stuffing envelopes for mailings and putting together adoption kit folders and prepare adoption follow-up letters. CVAS has bulk mailings several times a year and would LOVE to have a list of reliable volunteers to help stuff envelopes and affix address labels in a timely manner. In addition, anyone who could help us put together our adoption kits and follow-up letters would be fantastic.


This includes manning the gardens and grounds around CVAS and possibly planting flowers in the spring.

volunteersIf you would like to become a volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Release Form here and someone will be in touch!

We would like to sincerely thank all of our volunteers who donate their time and efforts to help homeless pets. Without our volunteers, we wouldn't have as many successful events or adoptions. Thank you all so much!!